Small Groups Summer Semester

Small groups summer semester will begin June, 2nd come join us at 9:30am Sunday morning for rally Sunday and get signed up for a group or Groups! Can’t wait to see you there!!

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Helping hands


Helping Hands hosted by Nikki and Jason Dorr is a small group focusing on helping other out and showing them the love of Christ.

Summer lovin’


Summer lovin‘ hosted by Eric and Amelia McAllister is a group that that  gives summer that pop your looking for with all sorts of outdoor adventures and fun!  

The Media Project


The Media Project hosted by Josh Lanier is the group for anyone who loves technology and wants to learn what goes on behind the seen of Howard Hill.  P.S I heard there‘s going be a movie that is made by the group!!

Outdoor Adventures


Outdoor Adventures hosted by are very own Pastor is a group that will take you on adventures all around Arkansas, who know what you will find!!

The Master Table


The Masters Table hosted by Tonya And brandon Houge and Kieran Tom, is a group That will bring the master chef out of you as you learn new recipes to take home and make for your family. 

Summer Of Sun


Summer Of Sun hosted by Kaylia and Audrey Vandermillion, that focuses on family fun out in the awesome Arkansas sun,

playing and making connections that you normally wouldn‘t make!

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Garden Groupies


Garden Groupies hosted by Arron McAllister is a group that will challenge you to see just how good of a green thumb you have, as you work in the garden and make you own fresh produce!!!

Healing/Bible Study


hosted by Betty Dipoye is a group that will help you to dig deeper in the word of god and also show you the power of prayer!!